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Predator Motor Corporation is proud to use American high quality manufacturers in the construction of the 2012 Predator X18S Baja Edition
$44,995 Turn Key


• SCORE Approved, Certified 4160 Chromoly Chassis
• King Shocks
• BFGoodrich
• Howe Steering
• Jamar
• Baja Designs
• GM Crate 2.4 Liter Engine
• Arctic Cat
• Livorski
• The Wright Gear Box
• Gibson Exhaust

For optional equipment
• Lowrance GPS
• PCI Radios and Intercoms
• Harmon Fuel cells (FIA Approved)
• Sand Tires Unlimited

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M.O.R.E Powder Puff - October 9-10, 2009 - Barstow, CA


Racing in M.O.R.E. Class 3000, as car number 3031, Wendy Durkee was the Driver of Record for Durkee Racing. Shannon Wilson was co-driver for this event.

Predator Motor Corporation would like to sincerely thank Durkee Racing for participating in this worthy event and for using our X18 to do so.


“I was excited and extremely nervous to be involved in my first PowderPuff Race (first race ever for that matter). As we sat at the starting line in our Predator X-18, I just wanted to go. I was the first one off the line in the first heat and felt all of the pressure. Tons of people were watching. What if I stalled it? What if I didn’t go fast enough? What if I awkwardly hit a whoop? I just wanted to get away from the people and drive the course. I was beginning to feel claustrophobic. 

The take off went fairly smooth. I felt like we got a good start. We did really well for the first four miles. It seemed like we were traveling fast and I was becoming more confident about actually racing. That’s when things turned bad. As we were crossing the wash I was flooring it and we were slowing down. I had destroyed a belt. It turned out to not be my fault (the belt cooling fan fuse was loose) but it was still terrible. We coasted to the side of the course where a cameraman came and asked why we had stopped. (We were waiting for a manicure of course! Wasn’t that included in our race fees?) After he left, three very nice gentlemen came and towed us off of the course. Thanks for your help guys! We got the belt cover off and were prepared when our pit crew arrived to replace the belt and troubleshoot the fan.

Our first lap took one hour and thirty-seven minutes! That has to be a record! J Once we realized that we would be back in the race, I just wanted to finish. During the rest of the first and part of the second lap, I was hesitant about pushing the car. Then I finally decided that we needed to test its limits and just go for it!! I think I became addicted to passing vehicles and getting through all the technical parts of the course as quickly as possible. You can ask my co-driver, Shannon, I was obsessed! Stop to pit, No Way! You have to pee? Too bad! You feel sick? Suck it up!! I know I am not very considerate in this environment. Thanks for being understanding, Shannon. You were a great co-driver! We got through three laps and actually finished the race. I would have loved to see how we would have done without the destroyed belt but I guess things happen. We will get it the next time!

I want to thank Eric and Aaron for encouraging us to race and providing all the support while we were practicing and everything else. Thanks Eamon for providing a great car! I love it! It handles great and rides smoothly! We just need to make it faster! Also thanks to all the Hooligans who came out to help and support us (Buggs & Family,  Stacey, Todster, Princess Buttercup, Buford, JT, Chrome, JWS, Ronnie and Family, Rick and Steph, and anyone else that I may have left out)!!!”

------------ Wendy Durkee 














Photos Courtesy of Durkee Racing -

Racing also in M.O.R.E. Class 3000 as car number 3019 was Holli Berchard, driving the Predator Motor Corporation’s X18 Intimidator.

Thank you Wendy for participating in this event and driving for us!







Photos courtesy of Holli Berchard.

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